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Aquazzone Showers

Aquazzone Showers

Set the mood and spoil yourself with a sensational luxuriousness to ensure an opulent shower experience.

World class engineering has enabled Vito Bertoni to lead in shower innovation and to present the latest Aquazzone Bathroom Shower Collection offering contemporary and modern designs that provide sheer opulence.
Vito Bertoni is also intensely focused on the design and innovation of its showerheads and spray patterns that allows a gentle yet powerful and luxurious delivery whilst still complying with all Australian Watermark and WELS (Water Efficiency) regulations.

The Aquazzone Collection includes many options to indulge all tastes, styles and designs of your bathroom space:-

•    ECO DUAL SHOWER Collection incorporates a double shower experience with a sleek diverter for seamless transition between the generous and gentle rainfall of a rain shower and the stylish and invigorating rail shower. This eco dual shower collection includes Taya with its perfectly formed style; the contemporary Eco Dual Showers available with a round or rectangle look.

•    ECO RAIN SHOWER Collection offers variant styles and designs of sensational overhead rain showers offering generous and gentle rainfall:- the perfectly formed Taya Hi Rise Shower; the contemporary round or rectangle Eco Rain Shower; and Rain Shower encompasses round and rectangle styles for ceiling and wall designs

•    ULTIMATE TWIN SYSTEM SHOWERS offer a rectangle or round design of dual shower experience incorporating a rain shower with an invigorating rail shower, complete with a minimally styled mixer.

•    RAIL SHOWERS encompasses a spectacular range of practical and stylish stainless steel rail showers which incorporates Rectangular Rail with a perfectly refined rectangle design, Fresco Rail with minimalist elegant look, Moda Rail with classic elegant style and Designer Rail with its contemporary design.

•    WALL SHOWERS includes ergonomically engineered Moda and Designer wall brackets  and heavy duty stainless metal hose delivers a luxurious showering experience.

Vito Bertoni also includes a complementary range of mixer taps, ceramic disc taps, bath fillers and accessories to add the perfect solution to the finishing touch of your bathroom and kitchen design.

Aquazzone Showers features
•    World class engineering
•    Design and innovation of shower heads
•    Perfectly engineered shower spray patterns
•    Stainless Steel Grade 304 rails
•    Meticulously engineered slider brackets on rail showers to allow easy height adjustment
•    Several handset shower options available
•    Australian Watermark Licence and WELS (Water Efficiency) 3 Star accreditation

Create your own form and function with the impressive opulence of Vito Bertoni’s Aquazzone collection, designed to impress and provide the ultimate and unforgettable shower.