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Qaad Showers

Qaad Showers

Vito Bertoni Aquazzone Bathroom Collection, a sensational luxuriousness to ensure an opulent shower sensation with the perfectly engineered Qaad Dual Shower, Qaad Hi Rise Shower and Qaad Rectangle Rail Shower, designed to empress and provides an ultimate and unforgettable shower experience.

World class engineering has enabled Aquazzone Shower Collection to lead in shower innovation offering designs that are sculptured and visually sleek whilst providing luxurious shower experiences. Aquazzone Qaad Shower Collection incorporates a dual showering experience with a sleek diverter for seamless transition between the generous and gentle rainfall of a rain shower and the stylish and invigorating rail shower.
Vito Bertoni is intensely focused on the design and innovation of the showerhead and spray patterns that allows a gentle yet powerful and luxurious shower delivery whilst still complying with all Australian Watermark and WELS (Water Efficiency) regulations.

The Qaad Double Rail Shower with its perfectly formed and engineered design blends a minimalist style with modern technology, ensuring an opulent and luxurious shower experience providing an unforgettable shower experience. The Qaad Double Rail Shower complements several Vito Bertoni bathroom ranges including Taya Mixer Taps and Qaad Mixer Tap ranges with extreme subtleness.

The Qaad Hi Rise Shower with its perfectly sleek design and minimalist style ensures a luxurious shower experience. The Qaad Hi Rise Shower complements several Vito Bertoni bathroom ranges including Taya and Qaad Mixer Tap ranges with extreme style
Aquazzone Rain Shower promotes generous rainfall and ensures a designer look that will lift the feel of any bathroom.

The Qaad Rectangle Rail Shower has a contemporary and perfectly refined rectangle design for a minimalist and architectural styled bathroom. It has been has been inspired by effortless design and exceptional functionality.

Qaad Showers features
•    Perfectly formed and blending minimalist sculptured design with modern technology for ultra-modern and contemporary spaces
•    Ultra bright, durable polished chrome finish
•    Solid brass construction
•    Australian Watermark Licence and WELS (Water Efficiency) 3 Star accreditation
•    Perfectly engineered shower spray patterns